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Compact tiny house makes space for four with sofa cum bed — July 8, 2019

Compact tiny house makes space for four with sofa cum bed

Small and compact houses are difficult to décor in a limited budget.

So, there is a lot of problem for a nuclear family who lives in metro cities and has a small apartments or a tiny house. Now the question is how to fix this problem and give an amazing look to home.

Sofa cum bed

Well, we can use space saving and multipurpose furniture like sofa cum bed. So, the question you may ask why this furniture?

 Now, I’m going to explain why you need to use this home décor furniture-

Easy to set up in tiny house

A sofa cum bed 4×6 or 3×6 is small in size gives an easy way to set up a sofa in living room without any worry and in the night you can fold it convert into a bed.

Sofa cum bed furniture

Maximum comfort

The level of comfort is always high with high quality of foam which gives pleasure to your body when you sleep or sit into it.

Family furniture

Kids can play their games on sofa cum bed furniture, take a nap whenever they want, watch their favorite show and the same goes with adult. Except playing on the bed elder can do that entire thing which children can do.

Optional extra bed

For a nuclear family it’s a difficult situation when a guest arrives to your home and if they want to stay in night and inside your mind you’re hesitant to say “Sorry I can’t accommodate you”. If you have a sofa cum bed then you have nothing to worry just open the shaft of the sofa and convert into a comfortable bed.

Best Sofa cum Bed that’s Actually comfortable — July 6, 2019

Best Sofa cum Bed that’s Actually comfortable

The space in small cities continues to shrink and that’s not good news for new apartment’s buyers.

Suppose you are going to buy your flat for the first time in metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai then what are your top priorities.

It’s obvious that you look for something a good quality of furniture, cheap price and easy to set up in the home.

Sofa cum bed

These all requirements full filled buy a home decor item called sofa cum bed.

So, the question come to your mind that why this furniture only I’m suggesting? Sofa cum bed by Aart Store

Well, if you look into the living room space you’ll find that it’s becoming smaller from previous one. So the reason behind this is growing population in big cities and due to lack of space you’ll find big apartments everywhere.

Sofa cum bed furniture

Real estate companies are very smart they are trying to arrange everything in a small 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat and want to sell in 30 lakhs or 40 lakhs price. So the better option is that you prefer using a space saving home decor item like sofa cum bed furniture.

So, what you have to do visit Amazon the largest online marketplace in the world and on the search bar type sofa cum bed for home and then you will find thousand of result within seconds on your mobile screen or desktop screen.

Choose what suits you best on your budget also keep in mind the color of your home and living room.

Multi-functional Sofa cum Bed for Home — July 5, 2019

Multi-functional Sofa cum Bed for Home

Small space comes with a lot of difficulties to arrange home decor item in the living room or house.

So, what is the reason behind it?

The main reason for houses becoming small every day and in the metro cities, the situation is even worse. You can find big and giant apartments everywhere where thousands of people living there.

Sofa cum bed

Here, is a quick solution we may use sofa cum bed for your home decor.

Now you start wondering what I’m talking about hey! Man, I’m talking about the quick solution to your problem. And it’s not going to take a lot of money maybe 5 to 7 k which is very cheap compared to the wooden sofa.

Sofa cum bed designs

So, here is the quick solution to the problem buy a sofa cum bed designs which are available in different color and sizes from Amazon. You just need to visit their website and pick your favorite size and designs from thousands of designs and buy.

There are main 3 uses of sofa cums bed


As a sofa this furniture server you, your family and your guest whole day with comfort.


Want a sofa which converts into bed then you just have to fold it and soon you will find a comfortable bed.


Just image moments where you’re looking to study on the bed then you have to bend this furniture a little bit and you will found a comfortable lounge.

How to Buy a Sofa cum Bed for Urban Home/Office — July 2, 2019

How to Buy a Sofa cum Bed for Urban Home/Office

This is very interesting question to answer a sofa cum bed furniture is best home decor item.

Sofa cum bed

So, let’s find it how we can

  • Buy a sofa for home decor
  • Find the good quality through online/offline
  • Last but not least decor the home in unique way through sofa cums bed.

Buy a sofa for home decor– The size of houses in urban areas shrinking due to over population and houses now converting into apartments. There are 1BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK size flats we can found everywhere in metro cities.

Before buying this home décor item measure the size your living room and if you want to buy it for your office then you can measure the size of your hall as well.

Now depending on the colour of your home you can pick red, black, sky blue or grey sofa cum bed.

Sofa cum bed

Find the good quality through online/offline– So, if you’re an office going person and don’t have time to visit offline store then try online. The best way is you visit Amazon and on the search bar type sofa cum bed and you will see thousand of item. Click on the colour and design of your choice and add to cart.

Once you place the order it takes 2-7 days to ship the item to your home.

 Décor the home in unique way through sofa cums bed– Now you got your product and you need to assemble them in your living room/hall. Open the shaft and join the upper and lower part of this furniture.

It’s lightweight and I don’t think it take much time to set up.

You can enjoy watching T.V, taking nap on this, kids can play on it and most important it’s an extra bed for guest so you don’t have to worry that if they stay on night.

Multipurpose Furniture: Essential Pieces for Small City Apartments — June 29, 2019

Multipurpose Furniture: Essential Pieces for Small City Apartments

The city dwellers should keep in mind two things in order to give their home a beautiful look.

The first one is It should be attractive and the second one is it must be a functional furniture. The cities in India becoming smaller every day. Due to population issue it’s difficult to décor the home with big size furniture.

So what is the solution?

Now what I’m going to do, I’ll find the solution and it will help you decor your home in easy way.

Sofa cum bed

Use a Sofa cum bed– Yes, you heard correct this furniture is multipurpose furniture which use as a bed, a sofa and a lounge. So what else you want in 6k to 7k nothing is better choice than this furniture. 

Use a wall décor shelf– This is another very good option to keeping your small house hold item safe and secure. You can use T.V shelf to keep your remote safe. The price of this home décor item is 1000 to 2000.

Bean bag– This comfortable home décor item can be placed anywhere in the home. You can sit on it or even sleep don’t worry it’s not your regular bed. The price of this furniture is 1000 to 2000.

Buddha canvas painting

Canvas painting- The living room is a place where we spent most of our time.  A Buddha canvas painting is perfect home décor item to give a beautiful look. Lord Buddha is symbol of peace and happiness and making our environment productive is very important in our life. The price of this item ranges from 700 to 2500 rupees.

Pillow Cover- Your Sofa, chair and bed deserve a printed cushion/pillow cover to give the final touch to your home décor. The price of these cover would be 400 to 500 rupees.

Above home décor item are very helpful in decorating home.

Sofa cum Bed- Pro And Cons — June 27, 2019

Sofa cum Bed- Pro And Cons

Sofa cum bed is one of the best furniture for home decoration.

It’s comfy, easy to set up and lightweight and give you freedom to decor the small space. Now the problem is big cities are getting overcrowded and houses becoming apartments.

Sofa cum bed furniture

So the importance of sofa cum bed furniture becoming very high. It’s the highest demanding furniture now days which becomes very popular.

Now let’s have a look to advantages of this furniture-

Easy to set up– Yes, you heard correct this home decor item is easy to set just you have open the shaft and convert it into bed or fold the bed and convert it into bed.

Lightweight– Yeah, the average weight of this furniture in between 7-10 kg.

Cheap price– The price is biggest reason to check out this furniture you cannot get a wooden sofa in 5 or 6 thousand but here you get both item together in a cheap price.

Extra bed in need– Sometimes guest comes to our home and we do not have option to accommodate them on night due to not having an extra bed this problem will solved by this furniture.

Sofa cum bed 3×6

Lot of Size and design availability– Yes, sounds correct there are 1000+ designs available in many sizes like sofa cum bed 3×6, 4×6, 5×6 and 6×6 in multicolored.

Comfortable– This home decor item is very comfortable for sleeping and sitting and you can place this furniture on living room.

3 in 1 use– Yes, you can use in 3 ways first for bed, second sofa and third is lounger.

Disadvantage of this furniture

Lack of wooden feel– Yes, the annoying fact about this furniture is that if you’re lover of wooden sofa or bed then you can’t like this product sine it’s more soft than wood.

Change in shape– After the use of few months the size shrinks from its original shape and you can’t feel the same pleasure like earlier.

Need a washable cover– If you’re not using a washable cover then your sofa cum bed furniture become dirty so you should have a washable cover and clean this cover once a week.

Above advantages and disadvantages help you to buy your favorite sofa cum bed.

How to Decorate Wall Shelf at Home? — February 4, 2019

How to Decorate Wall Shelf at Home?

Wall shelf in fact is one of the most important things in the household and offices. It turns empty walls into something more decorative something more stylish. Wall decor shelf is a place where you can keep your things in an organized manner.

Wall decor shelf
Wall Decor Shelf

It is also famous as wall mounted display unit or wall hanging display cabinet. These decorating shelves do provide a beautiful place to put things in a systematic manner. These display wall decor shelves can be used to store books, speakers, shoes, plants even your crockery. It can be equally used in shops, offices, malls, display corners, boutiques, and homes.

Wall decor shelves
Wall Decor Shelves

 It is considered to be an essential storing place for offices where you can store important documents, files. It can be said, without doubt, that homes and offices are incomplete without shelves. It gives an ornamental style to your favorite place and makes it look organized. Things get a handsome look if placed or mounted upon these shelves.

 It gives a kind of organization and pattern to your certain corners. To get a look of any place or any site the shelves are a part and parcel. It is a compulsory part of any architecture plan. It gives a new pattern to the professionals to look more managed, organized and systematic. Here the age we are living in, a life without shelves looks scattered and mismanaged.

Wooden Wall Shelves
Wooden Wall Shelves

What a wooden wall shelves can give to your place cannot be described or summed up here rather a separate book is needed to cover all the dimensions that how a shelf can bring ease and comfort to your lives. From a business perspective, it also captures the attention of aspirant customers. It adds a dominant place for your item among the list of many.

Although shelves have many benefits there are few that are worth mentioning here:

Bookcase: Shelves can be used as a bookcase. It will be placed to store your all favorite books if you are a fan of novels, spy stories or whether you look academic books and English literature. This wall mounted display unit will be your perfect storage space.

Household items: You can store different household items in these wall hanging display unit like keys, shoes, backpacks compartment to charge phones as well as your important electronic gadgets.

Toy Organization: Display wall decor is the best place to organize toys. While it is difficult for children to keep their toys in drawers or other places such a problem can be solved by placing shelve to avoid the mess and keep all toys organized.

Bathroom Storage: Wall shelves find very important use in washrooms. Where many item can be stored on these shelves ranging from toothpaste to brushes and shampoos to soap. You will rarely find any bathroom without these wall mounted shelves not to mention towels that have a separate shelf as well. A custom built eyeglass shelf next to shower is another convenient touch.

Work space: You can transform any corner of your office or home into a part-time office where you can place your files. You will be able to have space for your laptop that will fill instantly into the storage and then can be stashed away when it is no longer needed.

Crockery and kitchen items: Hardly you ever find a house that does not contain shelves to store kitchen wares. Mostly you will find them in kitchens.

Wall Shelves
Size Of Wall Shelves

Office use/malls: after your house these walls mounted display items find extensive uses in offices all over the world. Hardly will you ever find any office that does not contain wall shelves. These shelves can store a large number of files, laptops, as well as your important documents and equally helpful in sorting the relevant files. The labeling of shelves makes the job further easier.

Which Bean Bag You Should Buy? —

Which Bean Bag You Should Buy?

After a long tiring day, when you are even unable to lift your own weight and your back is crying for mercy, Bean bag is the best and comfortable option to lie down and hear your spinal cracks. Beanbags or Beanies are very cozy, comfortable, light and easy to relocate from one place to another. They are versatile and enhance the beauty of the room decor. From adult bedrooms to children’s playroom, beanies are widely used. They require less space and are the best options for small spaces. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Bean Bag

Bean bag with beans filled gained popularity when doctors inscribed a comfortable couch for the rehabilitation of patients from back surgeries and expected women. The snuggling seating that holds its shape according to the person, who sits in it, provides relaxation and even helps in sensory-integration problems.

Bean Bag With Beans Filled

While traveling, beanies are the best options to relax and enjoy your journey. They come in different sizes and covers for different purposes. Even an over sized bean bag with beans couch can be easily lifted by a child. Children’s bean bags, adult sizes, single or double seating, queen and king sized chairs with elegant designs and quality make it difficult for you to choose. They are appropriate for nearly any room’s decor.

Bean Bag With Beans

The most common materials used for bean bags are vinyl, denim, faux fur, leather and suede. Each of them has its own look and coziness. They come in all colors and prints to compliment your interior. Let it be zebra or leopard print, you can easily find your favorite design. Stuffing of beanies is usually of polystyrene beads which expand with steam. They even come in sport’s style that mimics baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls.

When it comes about washing, they are easily removable and washable. Some of covers are removable unzip cover. This has made the cleanup easier and more attractive. Beanies are not costly more than wooden furniture.

Which Bean Bag is Good for Home Decor? — February 2, 2019

Which Bean Bag is Good for Home Decor?

Types of bean bag: The chair of a bean bag is a sealed bag filled with dried beans. In contrast, the material used to make them usually depends on the choice of the manufacturers. The main target of this item is to gives maximum comfort to its users. Chairs of bags come in different forms, sizes and fillings. Besides being comfortable, they’re also exciting, fun and cheaper than other furnace products. Below are different types of bean bag chairs according to shapes, sizes and fillings.

Bean Bag
Bean Bag

Types of bean bags according to shape

Bean bag types according to shape Round –these are the most common type of chairs. They are shaped like a ball and can be placed in a relaxing and fun room, such as watching movies and playing video games.

Square bean bags–Square bean bag chairs are unusual but can be found on the market easily. This type of product are in the form of a cub And works more like a foot rest ottoman.

 Game chairs–Game bean bag chairs are round and wide at the bottom, but narrow at the end.

 Novelty bean bags–These types of bean bags are usually categorized as children’s bean bags and take on the shape of anything from flowers and animals to football, etc.

 Long bean bags–as suggested by the name, is large in size.

Bean bag with beans filled
Bean bag with beans filled

Types of bean bags according to size

Children / Youth Bean Bags– Usually small bean bags in this category and mainly for children up to 4’6 “tall. These comfortable bags are about 110 to 120 inches per circumference. Large / Teen Bags–These bean bag chairs are designed specifically for young adults up to5’2 “tall or for children who may need more growth space. These bag chairs are about 130 to 140 inches per circumference. Extra Big –Extra Big Bean Bags for adults up to 6′ tall. The circumference of these items is around 140 to 150 inches. They are the most preferred and best choice for most adults.

 Double Extra Large Bean Bags– These is very large sizes of XXXL bean bag chairs. They are mainly available for adults up to 6’5 “tall. Their range is approximately 170 to 180 inches. The size is surprisingly large and can exceed your expectations.

Bean Bag without beans
Bean Bag without beans


Polystyrene beads– These small beads that move easily and shift. The beads are lightweight and enable the bean bag chairs to offer maximum comfort in any position you want.

Shredded foam filler–Bean bags made of shredded foam filler contain a cushion of polyurethane foam. Maximum comfort can be achieved from various types of incredible chairs. XXXL Bean bag chairs are usually made for the younger generation. But there are also some wonderful chair models even for adults.

Style of bean bag chairs

Round chairs– Round bean chairs are exactly what they sound like they would be: circular chairs which, when spread out, look like a ball. By far the most common type of bean bag chairs, round chairs are used just about everywhere — from living rooms to bedrooms, to entertainment rooms, and more.

These chairs don’t provide a great deal of support for the back or arms, but they are more than capable of getting the job done. They are still exceedingly comfortable. These chairs do not give much support to the back or to the arms, but they are more than able to do the job. Still, they are extremely comfortable.

Square chairSquare bean chairs are similarly shaped to squares. These chairs are similar to a recliner in the living room, with backrests and armrests. Most of the time, adults use square bean chairs. This is because they provide a level of support that is not normally needed by children but is often needed by adults

Gamming chairs- Gaming chairs are high- end bean bag chairs that avid video gamers usually use. These chairs are structured much like computer chairs, offering superior comfort and back, neck and arms support. A bean bag chair is sometimes equipped with speakers.

How to Buy 2 in 1 Sofa Bed in India — January 31, 2019

How to Buy 2 in 1 Sofa Bed in India

Are you looking for online sofa bed services with the lowest cost and fast delivery system, If yes then read this article this will help you a lot in your search. Sofa cum bed help your body language and attitude, they help you physically and emotionally. So keeping that in my mind I am writing this content.

Sofa cum Bed
Sofa cum Bed

There is a vast diversity of sofas but sofa cum bed are the best choice because it provides you with 2 functions one act as a sofa secondly act as a bed. It is designed for family, homes to college students and bachelors living in rented apartments. So how to buy the best sofa cum bed is a major issue.

Sofa beds is typically a sofa or couch that underneath its seating cushions and hides a metal frame and thin mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed. We have to sleep long length side so comfortable Feathers and Down Feather-filled cushions are ideal for people who prioritize softness on a sofa. Polyester is also used.

A top quality sofa should have the following feature:

  • Sturdy frame
  • Comfortable
  • Adults can sit on the sofa
  • Sleep when converted to a bed
  • Stylish according to latest designs
  • Should have suitable height, width, and length sleek look
  • If you wanted to buy Sofa cum bed online then I have just listed some quality sofas

Sofa cum Bed for 2 Person


     Quality comfort meets on this sofa. Its stylish design gives it’s a traditional touch, while weathered faux leather makes it easy on eyes. It is sturdy and elegant in design this sofa bed with mattress and storage. This Sofa cum bed will complement for family homes to furnished apartments. Due to its glossy finish and design, it adds value to decor theme you have in your bedroom, living room.

3x6 sofa cum bed
3×6 sofa cum bed


  • Guest bed function.
  • Stylish and latest design
  • Attractive price
  • Space saving
  • Key Specification
  • Wooden Legs clear lacquer >High Comfort
  • Seat Cushion: Fixed >Seat Filling: Foam
  • Back Style: Standard Back

3×6 Sofa Cum Bed 


      Rich texture and high-quality comfort meet in this sofa. There’s something so relaxing about its tone. With nail head trim accents and generous back seating support, you can lounge fashionably into the cozy cushions. 3 adults can sit on the sofa and 2 adults can sleep when converted to a bed. This convertible Sofa Cum Bed is made with quality fabric … This living room furniture is a piece of art which attracts the eyes of every guest.

  • Reversible option
  • Guest bed function.
  • Storage facility
  • High Comfort Storage function
  • Seat Cushion: Fixed
  • Seat Filling: Foam and Fiber
  • Back Style: Loose cushions


  • Sofa with guest bed function.
  • Smart space where you can roll out the drawer to tuck away pillows, blankets and more in the storage concealed below.

Key Specification

  • Sofa with armrest
  • High Comfort
  • Storage fiction
  • Seat Cushion: Fixed
  • Seat Filling: Foam and Fiber
  • Back Style: Standard Back

3×6 Feet Sofa cum Bed


Patchwork Fabric, metal legs chrome. Beautiful color combination attracts buyer’s attention. It is more comfortable for all. Set this couch with a sleeper or chair, it is designed for family, homes to college students and bachelors living in rented apartments. It is designed to suit your living room decor. The convertible Sofa Cum Bed is made with quality fabric which attracts the eyes of every guest.

If you’re looking sofa set for your office and home then you find out many beautiful design of Sofas, cushion cover, wall décor shelf etc. from its official online store Aart on Amazon with factory price and free shipping across India. Aart is biggest manufacturer and supplier of Home décor product in India. There are 1000+ designs available of furniture and house hold items in various colours.

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